Monday, April 30, 2012

About to Cross the Rubicon

I'm just hours away from turning off the light.  The alarm is set for 4:00 A.M. and my plane departs at 6:40.  Just think I have only one more morning of making my bed.   I'm all packed and figure that whatever I forget I can always buy along the way.  Most importantly my bike, helmet & shoes are already in New Orleans.  

I've been reading Facebook posts from some of the riders I'm about to meet, and they are beyond excited.    It's nice to know that five of the 29 riders are friends I've made from other Womantours trips over the years.  As I have said before, the women I will ride with are so incredibly talented, smart, energetic, accomplished, and each with a story to tell.  After you complete a WT trip, you have established friendships on a level that doesn't often happen, especially at this time in our lives.

So, there's not much more to say except a message to friends who are following me along.  Please either send me email or comment on the Blog site about what's going on at home, so that I don't think I'm just talking into the ethernet.  I always miss friends when I'm traveling, and some people think I won't have time to read emails.  Are you kidding?


  1. Hi, you'll laugh. I went through my email and deleted spam and no -interest emails as I do every morning. Biker Chick sounded familiar and thought it was another spam and I deleted it. Then I went looking at your blog--I have it bookmarked, didn't see a new post but saw the title. DUH!!! So I rescued the email from the trash and here you are. So we are all set for your email reminders. Way to go old beloved biker chick of mine, who gives the lie to old.

  2. Hey Pam

    some friends of mine are doing this ride with you.JoAnn Klassen, Mary Drennen and Roberta Brown all rode the Southern Tier
    two years ago,and then there is Lea Adams from Sidney Australia who I met on the Northern Tier last year.
    have fun and I will follow you up river!

    karen cooper

    1. Hi Karen, I will be meeting everybody tomorrow. Can't wait! Thanks for responding.

  3. Pam,
    The Violet Vixens will be following your progress. We are from the Fremont Freewheelers in the East Bay. You inspire us!
    Randy Fewel

  4. Hi Randy, I am flattered. Perhaps when I get back, we can do a ride together. I love riding Palomares and Calaveras with my
    Friends. I will try and make this trip interesting for you. Pam