Friday, June 1, 2012

Personality Disorder

Bitchiness does not become me. I explained to my husband that my personality disorder was related to my current condition. My physical therapist put the kibosh on using the computer although my neck doesn't seem to mind when I type on my iPhone in a reclining position.

Accepting my level of inactivity for at least another month, I've been watching past episodes of DOWNTON ABBY so I can catch up. I'm happy to have a positive distraction now that my hubby's home and I love the daily phone calls and emails from my Mississippi chicks. Only 7 more biking days until they reach Lake Itasca. Way to go, girlfriends.

Debbi's arm around the missing Pam / with Mississippi River in background

Pam's arm around physical therapist Carol Lobitz

Writing my blog and posting photos on my iPhone is an experiment.

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