Sunday, March 2, 2014


In a couple of hours I'll open a bottle of wine, get out some cheese and crackers and plunk myself down in front of the TV to watch  two hours of scintillating entertainment spread out over four hours called the Academy Awards.  With the Oscar ballot in my hand, I'm wondering whether I should vote for the movie I loved or vote for the movie I think will win.  I know that the Oscars are very political.    I've been disappointed before, but this year most of the films nominated for best picture are worthy, although I'm basing that comment on my having seen only six films out of the nine.    

I would like American Hustle to win Best Picture because it is my favorite, but I think the Academy will pick Twelve Years a Slave because it's the politically correct thing to do.   

Some people took American Hustle way too seriously, thinking it was a documentary on the Abscam case , but, in fact, it was a farce, a spoof, a good laugh in almost every scene.   The first five minutes had me cracking up with Christian Bale gluing on his hair piece and a few minutes later Bradley Cooper messing it up.  What's not funny about this?  And Amy Adams?  Only a con-woman would show up at a meeting with members of Congress wearing a dress cut so low you could see her navel and everything else.  And then do you really think it was the sour-smelling fingernail polish that kept Christian Bale going back to Jennifer Lawrence's bed?   

The best thing about Dallas Buyers Club was the story and the tremendous talent of Matthew McConaughey, who up until recently appeared mainly in B-rated movies, like Surfer Dude, not A-plus movies like Mud.   Along with his cameo role in Wolf on Wall Street,  McConaughey has finally transformed himself from a handsome star into a first-class handsome actor.  I just hope he gains those 42 pounds back before he does another movie.

Gravity was entertaining from a cinematic point of view, especially in 3-D.   I loved the amazing special effects and the gorgeous scenes from space, but I had to listen to the Sandra Bullock and Alfonso Cuaron's interview with Charlie Rose before I understood the true meaning of the story.  

Nebraska is another movie that I hope receives recognition tonight. Bruce Dern was so believable in his role as Woody Grant, and June Squibb as Mrs. Grant has my vote for Best Supporting Actress.  While I think Jennifer Lawrence has a better chance for American Hustle, Jennifer has many good years ahead of her, while I'm not sure about June Squibb.   

For Best Director I have to vote for Martin Scorsese for Wolf of Wall Street although it was not my favorite movie.    It was just too over the top, too long at 3 hours, and although I'm not a prude by any means, too graphic sexually.  But Scorsese gets my vote because this film exemplifies his talent as master of his craft.

Amy Adams has my vote for Best Actress, but Cate Blanchett is a shoe-in as she was stunning in Blue Jasmine and the recent controversy involving Woody Allen has to give an added boost.

Well, I only have an hour before the show begins so I'd better hurry and publish this since it's a time dated piece and tomorrow will be meaningless.

PS:  For those who subscribe to my blog via email, I'm sorry but this post will be meaningless!

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