Friday, September 5, 2014


  • I popped open the umbrella and rode her to Mars.

  • The day started when I closed my eyes and found myself in love.

  • My favorite dessert is a a mothball covered with chocolate sauce and sprinkled with sand pebbles.

  • The dentist cut out his nose hairs with pruning shears.

  • When the phone rang, I logged onto my computer and saw my deceased mother on Skype.

  • I couldn't tell what time of the day it was until my hands touched your face

  • I drove up to visit you in my hardtop strawberry and saw you covered in vanilla ice cream.

  • When I brought the cold glass of water to my lips,  it turned into absinthe.

  • I closed my eyes and saw the most beautiful picture of a blank wall.

  • I like washing white clothes better than dark because the results are more obvious.


  1. Wow, Pam, that might be an insight into your mind that I'm not sure I needed. :)

    1. Sharry, This was the result of a writing workshop where the instructor told us to meditate for 15 minutes and then start jotting down creative sentences that might or might not have meaning. Except for washing white clothes, my thoughts were totally random and thankfully have no meaning, but it was a fun