Monday, May 18, 2015


There is something about Slovenia that grabs you.  I'd call it the diversity of charm. There is charm in the architecture.  There is charm in the people (except for the waiter who said he would prefer to live in Russia).  There is charm in the way people greet you and even charm in the animals you meet along the way. Most people would not call Slovenia's geography charming but would rather call it stunning. Even stunning seems inadequate. How about magnificent. I know I'm prone to embellishments, but I will tell you this. If you haven't been to this part of the world, please add it to your list.  The waiter wanted us to believe that capitalism has been Slovenia's downfall, but we sure haven't seen any sign of that.   After suffering through two major wars, this country has not only endured but has flourished.  Call it determination and/or pride. Whatever it is, the Slovenians seem to have it. 

Since leaving the fairytale city of Ljubljana four days ago, we have been communing with Mother Nature in places like Logarska Dorlina, Lake Bled, and the Julian Alps.  She lives in the greeness of the forests; she lives on top of craggy peaks; and she has inculcated herself in the way people live in this glorious land.  If you aren't cycling, then you are whitewater kayaking. If you aren't hiking, then you are waxing your cross country skis, and if you are not in good shape, you are picnicking down by the lake. Slovenians believe in living the good life and at least half of it with Mother Nature. 

Stay tuned.  The adventure continues........

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