Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I've been seasoning a pair of favorite jeans for the last 15 years just like I seasoned my cast iron frypan for the last forty.   These well worn jeans are perfectly faded and they never stretch or bag.  They are comfortably snug in the right places with just a few loose threads around the hem.   They  fit me best at 130, but with a little effort they button ok at my current weight of 135.   I wash the jeans with mild soap and hang on a clothes rack to dry  giving them the same loving care I've always given my cast iron frypan --  No soap, just hot water and some oil to season every now and then.

In case you were wondering where those cuss words were coming from this afternoon, they were coming from my house when I discovered my terrible mistake.   I obviously wasn't thinking when I carelessly tossed the jeans in the dryer, set the timer on 40 minutes,  cranked the dial to high and went to the  movies.   I used those same four letter words years ago when my newly-wed husband proudly showed me the sparkling clean cast iron frypan after completing the dishwasher cycles --  rinse, scrub with soap  and dry 30 minutes on high heat.  

I knew it was too late,  but I quickly took off my clothes  and tried on the still-dryer-hot jeans   Uh-Uh, no way.  These are not "Not Your Daughter's Jeans" but are the real deal with no forgiving lycra.  I have to lose at least ten pounds. With some work the cast iron pan made a come back, but the jeans?

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