Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I shook my head and answered no to the questions the pre-op nurse asked about my use of  recreational drugs in the past.  I may have lied just a tiny bit but I don't think she expected me to go back 45 years.  Besides my memory is only good with names and dates not drugs and dates.

However,  I'll never forget that the best drug of all was the corticosteroid they administered, along with some lidocaine to soften the jab, and a light valium drip to relax me.   That magic stuff cursed through my veins all night long, and sleep was not on the agenda except for the one hour between four and five.   I watched David Letterman until 1 a.m..  At 2 a.m. I took a sleeping pill thinking that would help knock me out, but the Ambien wasn't strong enough to override the power of steroids.  But all this drug talk is not why I'm writing.  I'm writing with the good news that today (Wednesday) I'm feeling SO MUCH BETTER.  What a surprise given that the doctor said it would probably take two to three days to kick in.  Although I still have tingling in my left hand and some numb fingers,  the stabbing pain in my shoulder and arm has practically disappeared.  I've really been taking it easy since coming home last week, and I plan on laying low until Friday when I have my first PT session and a doctor's visit to discuss if I can return to the ride on May 26.   But this afternoon it was sure nice to go to a  movie with a couple of friends and enjoy a big bowl of delicious bouillabaisse at a fish house next door.

Before closing I want to share one last thing.  The ultimate offer was made to me tonight by a man I've biked with off and on for a number of years.  Trust me, it's not what you are thinking.   He wrote and volunteered to be my personal sag, so that I could complete the Mississippi ride.  Now if I didn't know better, I'd say it's because he'd love nothing more than to hang out with 29 beautiful women, but I know that's not his reason.  It's because he's probably one of the nicest guys I know.  Besides he knows how tough a ride like this can be since he rode the Northern Tier in 2010 self supported.  And if I said, "Yes, I want you to be my personal sag," he'd jump in his car and drive all the way back  to Iowa so he could follow me up the Mississippi to Canada just to be sure I completed my goal.   Can you believe it?   This truly blows my mind.

Well, friends, it's now 10:30 p.m. and even with only one hour of sleep last night, I'm still not feeling very tired, but I'm crazy if I don't turn out the light and try to fall asleep.  I'm hoping that when I wake up Thursday morning, the tingling hand and numb fingers will be gone for good, so I'll feel like my old self  again.  I am so anxious get back on my bike to see how I feel, but I'm afraid I have to wait a little while longer. Thanks again, everybody, for hanging in there with me and listening to all my complaints.   Stay tuned.  I will try and share more interesting stuff in the future.   This chick needs to get back on her bike and soon.    G'nite..........

This photo was taken last year at Denner Vineyards,  Paso Robles, California where we stopped to fill up our bottles with water not wine!

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